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5/8x24 AR10 Concave HALO NO Shrouding (TWO TONE)

5/8x24 AR10 Concave HALO NO Shrouding (TWO TONE) Image
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This is one I just finished up making this week, It is a VERY nice Two Tone Brushed HALO Prototype unit I very well may put in the regular lineup of products depending on its popularity! It has had 15 to 20 rounds thru it before coating and polishing to assure its function but is otherwise unused and in new condition and also available in a solid color in any of the colors I offer or you can buy it as is ready to ship right away. It was initially a solid black color that was beautiful but I decided to polish it up and offer it this way but you can also select solid black if you would prefer it that way at no extra cost.

Please keep in mind these are very limited if not the only ones on the planet, if you like to have something you will never see on another rifle then these are defiantly for you!

You can pick a different body color if you like and I will spray it right up or just select Brushed-AS IS and it will go right in the box as shown...

. Works very nice with longer rails where it can tuck right up into them giving an SBR Heavy Barrel look!

· Custom Tactical Muzzle Brake - AlumaliteUSA

· Machined from high strength 7075 Aluminum

· 1-1/8" Diameter

· 5/8-24 Threading .300 / .308

· ( 6 ) - 15 degree HALO Ports that go into the expansion chamber for MAXIMUM gas Displacement ( outer body holes are cosmetic )

· 4" overall length with no BARREL SHROUDING so depending on yur thread lingth tipicly .5 to .75 leaves 3.25 to 3.5" forward of the barrel.

· Premium Epoxy Coating ( DuraCoat ) Two Tone ( Brushed and Black Body ) as shown!

· Adds a Competitive appearance and tactical advantage to your gun

· Tested and designed to increase stabilization and accuracy virtually eliminating muzzle rise to allow faster follow-up shots on targets!

· Buy with complete confidence!, Our reputation for quality , customer service and warranty are second to NONE!

· Manufactured with pride in the USA for people that prefer quality at a reasonable price!

Thank you for your business!
Michael -

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